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Advanced Applications

Begin With Putting

There are applications for DynAlign beyond putting but putting is the simplest form of DynAlign, and the easiest way to discover it's benefits. Once the putting technique becomes familiar and comfortable, a player can move on to more technical shots.

Chipping with DynAlign

For short shots from the fringe that do not require wrist hinging, DynAlign can provide a stable clubface for very accurate results. Chipping without wrist hinging uses the same basic putting technique but adds choices for shot height by setting the shaft angle at address.

Pitching with DynAlign

Pitching with wrist hinging uses a traditional lead hand grip in combination with the DynAlign pre-shot alignment technique. Pitching with DynAlign can produce accurately directed shots but it is only recommended after a player becomes familiar with the putting and chipping technique.

Trouble Shots

DynAlign can be used when a ball is too near a barrier, and a shot must be hit from the opposite side. A club can be flipped upside down for the stroke while DynAlign provides clubface stability for a shot in the intended direction.

Stroke Of The Future cap 3.png
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